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Welcome To Brighter Dental

An enamoring smile costs nothing but brightens one’s day. But among your friends, family and acquaintances, not many are mindful of the most recent procedures and trends in the dental field that can jazz up their looks with that million dollar smile and make it possible to face the world with cool and confidence. Worry not, as your hunt for the everlasting smile ends here! 

Welcome to Brighter Dental, a one-of-a-kind dental clinic, that is just the place Angelinos have trusted with their oral health for more than a decade. Under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Babak Dardashti, we make it possible for patients to achieve the health and vigor that their teeth deserve.

Dr. Dardashti is a renowned general dentist in Los Angeles, with nearly 20years of service, and is qualified in handling every kind of patients and oral problems- from the minor to the complex. He is not only well-known for the superior skills and expertise he brings on board but also for the care with which he treats his patients, by listening to their problems, queries and opinions and explaining to them the various treatment options available.

Why Brighter Dental?

Almost Painless Dentistry and More… 

At Brighter Dental the dental practitioners invest time, effort and empathy into a patient to ensure that he/she walks out of the clinic satisfied to the hilt and is always willing to return. Offering the latest technologies and superior anesthetics, we offer nearly pain-free dentistry, even sedation dentistry for nervous, ‘dental-phobic’ patients. By the time you leave our clinic, rest assured, your fear of dentists will be gone forever!
For more complex cases, we have an expert oral surgeon in our staff, to make sure your entire treatment is covered under one roof.
Located conveniently in the mid-Wilshire area, close to Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Downtown Los Angeles, and with easy accessibility from 10, 405 and 101 freeways, Brighter Dental has a modern, state-of-the-art office, that is clean and hygienic with an excellent view, providing the patients with a sense of tranquility while they undergo treatment.

In addition, utilizing the latest in laser and digital X-Ray technologies, our treatment procedures are safe and achieve the desired results with minimum exposure to radiation, minimally invasive and best of all, almost pain-free.
For your convenience, each dental chair is equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment and educational systems to explain procedures and keep you company while you are being treated.

Manned by hands-on, knowledgeable and friendly staff who greet you with a smile every time you call or visit and are ready to cater to their patients’ various needs always, the qualified team make Brighter Dental unique by providing the highest level of dentistry and exceptional customer service.
Brighter Dental offers world class dental services like:

● Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
● Oral Surgery
● Treatment for TMJ disorders
● Botox
● All types of extractions
● Implant placement and restorations
● Invisalign
● Crowns and Bridges
● Porcelain Veneers
● And much more.

The latest procedures in cosmetic dentistry are available at our clinic and are performed with the highest finesse. So whether it’s teeth whitening, where you can regain the natural color of your teeth in just one sitting, or a full mouth reconstruction with dental implants, or smile straightening with the help of Invisalign ( invisible braces), everything is possible at Brighter Dental.
At our clinic, patients get a treatment plan tailored according to his/her needs. With Invisalign, we take orthodontic treatment a step further by straightening your teeth without leaving room for anyone to know that you wear braces!

Lab In Premises
Forget delays for weeks and months. With a lab on the premises, restorative work is completed in much shorter time. We can even harmonize the color of your teeth to perfection and have the lab reproduce close matches for veneers, crown and other restorative products.

No wonder, Brighter Dental is the choice for anyone looking for a responsive, uncomplicated, trustworthy dentist in the Los Angeles area.

Honesty and commitment being the two pillars of our success, we aim to provide the best treatment at a reasonable cost, even accommodating our patients to the best of our abilities with their finances. We also accept all kinds of insurance and credit cards, along with Care Credit, which is an interest-free payment plan for a year.
So come to Brighter Dental today. Flaunt that perfect smile with confidence, and the cheer you help spread is just a bonus! 

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